From XXL November 2003

Outkast: Put It In The Air

Outkast have never been like other rappers and they ain't gonna start now. So for their fifth LP, they separated into two. Big Boi came up with a crunkified party called Speakerboxx. Andre 3000's The Love Below is the most non-rap LP from a hip-hop artist since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Putting their pieces together to make a dope double album, ATL's finest try to change the gane - and keep on winning. Can they do it?

Andre 3000: Like It Or Not
Interview - Bonsu Thompson, images - Adam Weiss

One of the best MCs in the game is tired of spittin' and he ain't afraid to admit it. Still Outkast's most quotable MC, ANDRE 3000 has delivered another great album that challenges the very definition of hip-hop. We think you oughta listen.

Big Boi: The Nerve Calmer
Interview - Elliott Wilson, images - Adam Weiss

He's the laid-back cool cat of hip-hop's most dynamic duo. BIG BOI has been putting it down with his partner Dre for over a decade - now let's see what he can do on his own. Pump up the volume on that Speakerboxxx.

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