Dark themes.

His Mother's Eyes

"You do look extraordinarily like James. Except for your eyes... you have your mother's eyes."
Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


1: Without

We don't know what he dreams about. He won't tell us.

(won't tell us)

We can wipe his brow and make him sweet-dream potions.

(won't tell Hermione)

We can hold him tight until he sleeps again.

(won't even tell Ron)

But he won't tell us what he dreams about.

(not a single breath)

And all we really know

(not a single word)

Is that on some nights

(won't tell us)

He wakes up screaming.


* * *


2: Within

Some nights he slips into black sleep and hears

His mother calling through the darkness.

But no sight, only sound, and he cannot find her.

Then suddenly her warm arms around him,

And he scents lily of the valley.

Harry, at last I've found you. My darling son.

Yet still his vision is veiled by night;

Until Lily delivers him from the shadow.

Dear Harry, I have a gift for you.

Does she sob? Does she cry out? Maybe.

She places her hands on his face, a kiss on his brow,

Lays tender fingers to his eyelids.

I love you so much, Harry.

I love you, Mum.

She works her magic; for a moment there is pain.

(and then there is light)

The world slowly turns from darkness to dawn,

Swims into focus, and for the first time he sees:

A paradise of light, grace, and wisdom,

And his mother standing beside him.

Harry weeps with joy and turns,

Eager to see his mother's beautiful face.

But wait! This cannot be heaven -

For she is also weeping,

Great shining tears of blood

Shed from empty sockets.

(he has his mother's eyes)


April 2001

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